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Psychometric Career Assessment

Take Psychometric Assessment and Discover Yourself, Your Personality, Abilities, Strength and weakness and the best career which Suits Your personality.

1:1 Live Mentorship with Industry Experts

Interact and clear your doubt from that person who has already pursued that career and currently working in the same profession.

Career Awareness Seminars

We organise events related to various careers to increase awareness regarding a various careers in among students

We Give Direction to Your Career

Get Guidance from our Advance Psychometric Assessment and Expert Industry Experts.

Meet with the Founder & CEO of Adeptmentors

Rahul Chaudhary - Founder & CEO,

Rahul Chaudhary is a Young Motivational Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur and with a Professional Degree in Computer Science Engineering from VIT University. He started inspiring People from the age of 15 and inspired millions of people through his social media network and Seminars. He started his own startup at the age of 17 and Now he is the founder and CEO of Adeptmentors. He is the "Youngest Author to Write Self- Help Book" and made a National Record. He has done many great things in his life at such a young age. He loves to share his experience and knowledge with the people because he has a mission to empower the youth of India.

School Partners

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National Educational Institute, SDR

Golden Rule School, Amaravati- Andhra Pradesh

Progressive Peace Academy, Nepal

Central Academy, Gorakhpur

30 + Schools Covered & 20000 + Students Guided

Career Guidance Workshops & Seminars


What Our Students Have to Say

I was having no clue in my life, I didn't have any goal and even I never thought about it. But all thanks to Adeptmentors, They helped me and showed me the right path regarding my career.


From Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

I am a professional and I was not happy with my work. I was hating my work every day. So one day I decided to switch my job. But I was not having any clue. So I consulted with the Adeptmentors and took a psychometric assessment to discover myself, my personality, my strength and ultimately I found myself and currently doing well in my life and I am happy now with my job.


From Delhi

I wanted to pursue a different career and my parents wanted something else. I was not able to convince my Parents. But All thanks to Adeptmentors, They organised Super Parenting Seminar and my parents understood and now they allowed me to pursue my passion.


From Kolkata

I love especially adeptmentors Career Awareness Workshops and seminars. We get to know about various career options and get a chance to interacts with industry experts.


From  Kerla, India