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Taramandal , Gorakhpur

First of all, we should understand what is a government college? and what the meaning of a private College? Many people in India have the wrong misconception if you are studying in a Government college than you are a good student and you will surely get better placement than a private Engineering College Student, that is completely a myth.  Government college just only means this is funded by government and private college means it is privately held. It depends on your college, How good your College? You can check BY NIRF Ranking or by any other medium. If you want to be a good Engineer than You need a good infrastructure, good faculty, great environment, etc. There are many college/University in India, They are far better than many government colleges like VIT University, BIT Mesra, BITs Pilani, Thapar Institute of Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, R V College of Engineering, Banglore, etc. So If you are getting college like these and if you have money then for sure you should choose these private colleges than the normal government college?

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