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What should we prefer college or branch in Engineering?

Sometimes We are in Situation,  We are getting a good college but not good branch because of low rank according to that college. we have a lot of confusion at that time either we should select a good college or We should select the good branch of my passion what I love to learn. Here is simple advice for you. You should always follow your heart what you love to learn. Suppose that you want to pursue your career from CSE  but You are not getting CSE in Best College and you have taken any other branch in that college suppose that Civil Engineering. So here is conflict You are not loving to do this and If you will not love your work. You can never do any extraordinary Work. If you will take some lower college at least you can learn the interesting area of your subject and maybe you can do something new. If you will love your work and learn properly. It may happen you will get better placement from that upper college. But If you have taken any other branch and you are in the best college and you don't have enough knowledge and you are not interested in that field. You will not get better placement and you can never do some innovative thing.

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